Bio Mechanical Stimulation Massage

Bio-mechanical Stimulation or BMS is a special combination of conventional massage methods and scientific research. It targets on the mechanical principle and body of the human body to restore joint flexibility and relieve stress in a human body and its connective tissue via manipulation of soft tissues. It's been found successful for long term pain reduction, tissue repair, tissue rehabilitation, stress management, sports performance enhancement and neuromuscular pathways. The major purpose of Bio-Mechanical Stimulation is to offer pain relief, promote healing, improve muscle and joint function, prevent injuries and develop motor skills and endurance. Bio-Mechanical Stimulation techniques also have shown promise in improving physical functioning and conditions in those with severe brain damage. The modalities are used for neck pain, lower back pain, neck and head pain, hand pain, migraine headaches, menstrual pain, chronic pain, leg pain and a lot more.

There are several theories behind the application of bio-mechanical stimulation massage. One theory is that therapeutic massage should be performed before surgery to provide improved results. During surgery, the tissue around the surgical site is tightened and increased blood supply will also be supplied by the increased circulation of the patient's blood as well as the movement of the lymph vessels and nodes will slow down to allow the area time to heal.

청주출장 Another theory is that the effects of the massage treatment is greater if you mix it with bio-mechanical stimulation. You need to have a normal massage practice, so you can perform the massage therapy also. If done wrongly, this could result in over stimulation of the muscles and soft tissues. By combining the massage therapy sessions with bio-mechanical tools, you can control the intensity of the massage applied to the patient.

Additionally it is important to bear in mind that when using the bio-mechanical tools, you need to apply it evenly, without over stimulating the soft tissues and muscles of the individual. This is especially important once you apply the bio mechanical tape across the affected area, and if used wrongly, it may result to an irregular distribution of this pressure. Over stimulation of the cells and muscles will cause pain, while under stimulation won't cause any pain. This uneven distribution of stress can result in a serious injury or even death. Thus, the careful monitoring of the pressure that's applied must be applied.

Some of these soft tissues of the body can be controlled without difficulty. By way of instance, the thumb and the index finger can be aroused at the exact same time, without experiencing any pain. This is because these nerves are connected to the thumb's muscle, which is part of the median nerve in the body. However, if there's continuous pressure being applied, it might result to the weakness of the median nerve and can result to severe pain in the individual.

Bio-Mechanical Stimulation massage is used to relax the muscles and stimulate the nervous and circulatory system of the patient. After the individual is lying down, it gives them a better chance to relax their entire body. When the patient is lying down, the circulation will be better and more oxygenated, thus allowing the brain to function properly. It helps in enhancing the blood flow, which may improve the health of the patient.

When this massage is applied to the back, neck, face, feet and hands, a variety of effects can be achieved. A deep tissue massage will release deep tension in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Meanwhile, a superficial massage may be used for therapeutic purposes. On the other hand, when the stimulation is used on the face and feet, it may stimulate lymphatic circulation, ease inflammation and assist with respiration.

In addition to all these functions, Bio-Mechanical Stimulation is also used to reduce pain, increase flexibility, improve range of motion, balance and response time of the body. By way of instance, when a patient needs to cross his legs, he can do so easily by using Bio-Mechanical Stimulation. This treatment has been shown in several clinical trials to enhance the patients' gait. It has been used to prevent injuries and pain brought on by strained muscles. Consequently, if you're experiencing chronic pain or any kind of body ache, you should think about undergoing this massage therapy.

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